About Bharti Jogia-Sattar

Bharti Jogia-Sattar brings decades of financial experience to her position as an independent financial consultant. Working with a large variety of clients, Bharti Jogia-Sattar specializes in organizational development, operational procedures, and financial assessment. She assesses project processes to optimize efficiency and ensure fiscal solvency. In addition, she offers expert internal audit skills to judge risk, prepare for SOX 404, and implement industry best practices. Having worked closely with boards of directors and executive managers, she communicates complicated financial concepts quickly and effectively, giving company leaders the information necessary to make the best decisions for future company development. In addition, she maintains extensive knowledge of major financial applications, including ADP, Argus, Hyperion, and others.

After studying chemistry at Bryan Mawr College, Bharti Jogia-Sattar completed her education at Eastern Michigan University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Business Management. She later attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she took certificate coursework in accounting. In addition, she has passed all parts of the certified public accountant examination.

After completing her education, Bharti Jogia-Sattar began working in real estate finance as Chief Financial Officer and Financial Controller at PL Acquisition, Inc. Overseeing a team of nine professionals, she held responsibility for all accounting needs at the investment group, which earned $30 million annually. Most recently, she served as Vice President and Controller at Lionsgate Entertainment, Inc., where she functioned as liaison between the company and executive management teams, reporting essential financial information and undertaking important strategic initiatives. By analyzing the corporation?s spending trends, she reduced expenses by more than $7.5 million across all spending sectors.


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